Become the ruler of Hex Puzzle Kingdoms & earn prizes

All royalty are welcome! Hex Puzzle Kingdoms is a fun and competitive skillz powered hexagon puzzle game.

Need help installing on Android? Watch our video.


Exercise your royal minds with friends and other contenders for the throne.

  • Play head to head with other kings and queens around the world.

  • Rise to the top of daily challenges and leagues!

  • Climb the leaderboards to win real world prizes.

Compete for money in the PRO league.

  • Be the best and win money solving Hexagon Puzzles.

  • Compete with people at your ability level

  • Rise in the weekly leagues together.


Play Hex Puzzle Kingdoms

Have fun and compete to win prizes solving hex puzzles! Download Hex Puzzle Kingdoms from the Apple AppStore or the Skillz Store for Android.

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A fun, competitive and cash enabled Hex Puzzle game to stimulate your brain, have some entertainment and make moneys.